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Head of the Advisory Board

Douglas Hanson, a resident Angelino of fourteen years, has nearly two decades of experience working as an architect with some of the world’s leading architectural firms.  His work draws from many sources and inspirations of other creative entities. He has an understanding of and appreciation for the complexities of the contemporary world – cultural, economic, intellectual and material.

Since joining DeStefano & Partners in 2004 as Design Principal of the Los Angeles office, he strives to maintain a constant sense of balance not only within the architectural design arena, but also through his involvement in both the creative community as well as the local community. He is an active member of the American Institute of Architects, The US Green Building Council and the Urban Land Institute. Locally, he is an active member of The Central City Association, Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and The World Affairs Council. As a way to give back to his community, Mr. Hanson coaches baseball for his four sons’ teams, is a volunteer for Collage Dance Theater and serves as a Mentor in cooperation with the USC Architectural Guild.

Upon meeting the Creative Director of the City Ballet of Los Angeles, Robyn Gardenhire, Mr. Hanson was immediately inspired by the mission and overall vision of the School and Company.  After several brainstorming sessions with Ms. Gardenhire, he resolved to commit to helping introduce the City Ballet of Los Angeles to the Downtown business community.  His overall goal is to help the company and school establish a more distinct presence in Los Angeles.

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Douglas Hanson
Head of the Advisory Board